beautifully and carefully hand-crafted textiles  





our motto: reduce, reuse, recycle

our production is manual. our consumption of energy is minimal and is destined to the use of computers in our administrative office and for illumination purposes.

we are always searching for new improvements to reduce our environmental footprint. we use recycled paper in our hang-tags, we avoid the use of plastic, when possible, and we recycle our own trash.

in 2008, we introduced a new program to improve our recycling practices called “the green point”. using a portion of our profits, we donated to each workshop different-colored bins for glass, paper, plastic, and organic waste to create a “green point” or recycle area. along with the recycle bins, each workshop received training session to make their recycling activities more efficient, taking into account that recycling infrastructure in bolivia is not available as a public service, yet.


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