beautifully and carefully hand-crafted textiles  

company overview

established in 2003, orígenes bolivia is a socially conscious company that specializes in unique, hand-made, beautiful, and carefully crafted products made of alpaca, llama, and other natural fibers.

our main goal is to produce beautiful products that are produced in an ethical manner. we are proud to say that we currently work with more than 90 artisans – most of whom are of aymara and quechua ethnic backgrounds – grouped in more than 20 different workshops around the city of la paz, bolivia. about 70% of our artisans are women.

we are constantly striving to carry out our production process within a framework of respect to people, animals, and the environment. we monitor and train the artisan workshops that work with us in issues such as safety in the workplace, recycling, quality control, and production techniques.

we also have a clean production process. all our products are hand made or made in hand-operated machines, which require no electric energy to work.

our customer portfolio includes clients in canada, the us, denmark, italy, japan, korea, and bolivia.


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